Monkey Baa Dimsum & Coffee by Chef Ergo is a modern eatery concept established in Semarang, Central Java. The highlight of this eatery is the wide range of cuisine being offered while focusing to attract bikers and young audiences from their unique interior setup.

Danu, the operation manager of Monkey Baa, explains that the dream is to accommodate the audience as if they are stepping into a castle of cuisine, where a bakery will be offered as well eventually.

With his experience in Australia, Chef Ergo is already familiar with the equipment from Nayati. They have used the equipment for 20 years and for him, the decision to use Nayati for Monkey Baa was an easy decision.

The equipment helped them streamline their workflow and makes their work much more manageable.

Nayati is very proud to be a part of this modern establishment, and with the help of RestoMart as the kitchen contractor and service provider, Monkey Baa is looking forward to the future with peace in the mind of their kitchen operation.

Please check our video below highlighting what Monkey Baa stand for and how Nayati is helping them!