Educational facility position itself as compulsory in enabling young generation to thrive and the continuous need for such facility is influencing how a nation develops; this holds true for the foodservice industry, an ever-growing industry that hasn’t seen a recent decline in Indonesia.

Bagimu Negriku, a vocational school, established in 2011, and Semarang Health Polytechnic, an education institute aiming to create top nutrition expert and associates, were both determined to modernize their kitchen laboratory into state of the art facility and decided that Nayati is the right partner.


Believing that students should have the right tools to shine in the industry, both laboratories are outfitted with the latest gas-powered kitchen equipment from Nayati. This includes the ten tray Combi-Steamers, fundamental set up of 750 Meritus Line (including the open burner, wok range, charcoal grill, boiling and braising pan), refrigerated counter and cabinet for the preparation area.  The compact red cooking suites designed with working top, sink and gas open burner are installed in the central part of the laboratories intended to emphasize and strengthen the learning experience given by the mentor.

“The equipment We use are mostly from Nayati, We believe in Nayati, for sure they will give the best equipment for us, and from our observation, Nayati’s equipment is largely used by big hotels and famous restaurants. So we hope our students will get used to such a real-world experience,” says Ruth Jeanette, the Headmaster of Bagimu Negriku Vocational School.

“We’ve shared and exhibited our newly equipped kitchen laboratory information to our Health Polytechnic colleague network in the whole Indonesia, and they’ve come to appreciate what we’ve achieved, and they are looking forward to fitting their facilities into a similar level of quality.”, says Wiwik Wijaningsih, the Director of the Polytechnic.

Contributing to the future of foodservice industry, Nayati aims to give continuous support to the educational institution with the uncompromised quality of equipment and services. Check both video links below to see our equipment being extensively used by Bagimu Negriku Vocational School and Semarang Health Polytechnic.